Stargazing in Littondale

A superb dark sky is one of the things that make the Yorkshire Dales National Park so special.

With large areas completely free from local light pollution, it’s a fantastic place to start your stargazing adventure.
Stargazing in the YDNP

Warm clothing, a cosy reclining chair, blankets, a red torch, binoculars/ telescope and patience recommended!

The YDNP has now been designated a Dark Sky Reserve by the International Dark Sky Association so now is the perfect time to dig out those binoculars and come view the skies.

There are 4 designated Dark Sky Discovery Sites in the YDNP – at Hawes & Malham National Park Centres, Buckden National Car Park & Tan Hill Inn (all open to the public, accessible to all abilities & provide parking and other facilities and are a great place to start.) You can get fantastic views of the night sky anywhere in the National Park so why not start here in Littondale!

On a clear night you could see as many as 2000 stars. In most places it is possible to see the Milky Way as well as the planets, meteors and moon. When conditions are right you could also catch the Northern Lights as well as the International Space Station travelling 17000mph overhead.

Our dark skies are also wonderful for nocturnal wildlife such as owls, moths, hedgehogs & bats.